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Legal Program: How You Can Help

The Center's four projects which interested attorneys can join:

The Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Project represents victims of domestic violence in Probate and Family Court to get protection from abuse, child and spousal support, and custody and safe visitation.

The Housing Law Project assists people at risk of homelessness by defending eviction cases and representing people whose applications for public housing have been wrongly denied.

The Immigration Law Project helps survivors of domestic violence and children gain legal status under the Violence Against Women Act and represents people seeking political asylum because of fear of persecution, including torture, imprisonment, and execution based on religion, race, gender, or political views.

The Disability Benefits Project represents people whose SSI/SSDI (Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits have been wrongfully denied or terminated by the Social Security Administration.

Support for Pro Bono Attorneys

CLSACC offers extensive support for our volunteers, including:

  • Intensive and individualized supervision
  • Professional liability insurance for CLSACC cases
  • On-line legal research
  • Sample pleadings, briefs and forms
  • Access to the Center's law library, poverty law resource materials, office space, and computers
  • Opportunities for free or reduced fee Continuing Legal Education Programs
  • Reimbursement of litigation costs
  • Consultation with the Center's mental health staff

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Susan Corcoran, Volunteer and Training Coordinator, at (617) 661-1010 or

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