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Community Legal Services and Counseling Center
(CLSACC) provides free civil legal assistance and affordable psychological counseling for people with low incomes

CLSACC is an organization of volunteer professionals. Since our inception, we have been sustained by the commitment and dedication of volunteer lawyers and mental health professionals. Today, CLSACC is the only volunteer-based agency of its kind in the area, combining legal assistance with mental health counseling. Our unique interdisciplinary approach has enabled CLSACC to keep pace with the ever-changing and interrelated needs of our clients.


Recent News

CLSACC Leases Additional
Office Space

In September, CLSACC leased additional office space to provide much needed intake and meeting space for clients and volunteers. “Because of the overcrowding in our small West Street space, it has been virtually impossible to increase the number of appointment times for clients,” says Executive Director Barbara Mitchell. These new offices offer essential meeting spaces for attorneys to schedule client meetings when West Street is full, which happens on an almost daily basis. The office space is being leased from sister agency Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC) where CLSACC’s housing and disability units were relocated in 2010. CLSACC will need to raise an additional $20,000 this year to fund this expansion in services.


Top: Volunteer Elizabeth Ennen and Executive Director Barbara Mitchell meet in CLSACC's new space located at 11 Inman Street, Cambridge.

Middle: John Froio, Assistant Legal Director, meets with Disability and Housing clients in his new office space at CEOC, 11 Inman Street (bottom).